Life, in the City…

newsUgghhh! Pretty much sums it all up.

No seriously, if you think city life is the way to live, you are a damn fool. Coming from a resident of one of the most well known cities in the world, i can be the first to tell you, your not missing anything. People love to talk about how much money there is to be made here, but there really isn’t, unless you count making just enough money to get by. Not the ideal living situation at all.

Yes, the shopping is great (after you’ve fought through all the crowds and lines of city folk and tourists to buy that dope shirt for an arm & a leg), the food is diverse (yea…doesn’t get more diverse than a Mexican man cooking you Chinese food and paying $50+ for a pea on a plate) and the night life is exciting (you know, once you actually get in the club and have a few people shove you with they’re elbows and barf on the floor everyone has to walk on), but its not until you lived it that you will truly know how atrocious it is. In this city your never alone, but that’s not always a good thing.

Chances are if your living in the city you reside in an apartment building share with dozens of tenants who just cant seem to stop stomping on your ceiling (their floor). Whats also really great, is that the public transportation you rely on to get to work or school or just anywhere will always be delayed because of that one passenger who gets sick. Yea its completely practical to stop an entire train from running its route because someone has a headache. No really, its okay, i don’t have to be at work in the next five minutes. Goodness, lets not even get started with foot traffic. I never knew that this could be an even bigger problem than actual car traffic. Wow what a city! Talk about the land of opportunity when you and hundreds of other people have to fight for a position at McDonald’s.

I can tell you from personal experience not even the people living in New York want to be here. Just a little knowledge before you make any big moving decisions.

Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side….that is until you step in Sh.t…



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